10mm "D" shaped polycarbonate nose pads (Thin) 1 pair

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Small "D" shaped nose pads made from polycarbonate.
Here are polycarbonate nose pads.  They are thin, flexible and will provide comfort for the wearer.  They are small Asymmetrical or otherwise known as "D shaped", which gives the appearance of a triangle.  Available in snap-in and screw-in mounts, and only available in the 10mm length. 


  1. Made of Polycarbonate
  2. Length = 10mm (from corner to corner)
  3. Very thin nose pads, yet durable like that of a vinyl pad
  4. Two mounts available---snap-in and screw-in
  5. Not left and right specified

As you noticed in the specs #5, that these nose pads are not left and right specified.  If you are familiar with asymmetrical nose pads, you will know that they require that a specific nose pad (right or left) be placed in its correct place.  That meaning there is a right nose pad and a left nose pad.  Yet, with these nose pads, because of their triangular shape, they break the rule for asymmetrical nose pads.  You can place either nose pad on either of the two sides, and both will be correct. 

This is the only size available and the mounts are provided below.
Remember: Always make  sure of the correct mount style that your eyeglass/sunglasses frame requires.  It is imperative that the mount be correct before considering any other aspect of a nose pad.  If you should have questions, write to;