11mm HD silicone nose pads

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High Density Nose Pads
These are the longer lasting nose pads. The HD silicone nose pads. Made to stand up to the dirt and oils in your skin. Normally a typical silicone nose pad will get discolored and dirty after time. This is because the silicone actually absorbs the oils and sweat from your face. However the HD silicone nose pads are designed with a higher density silicone so that the oils and sweat are absorbed less and over a longer time. Thus keeping a nicer looking set of nose pads. They are available in a variety of sizes and mounts. These here are the 11mm length nose pads. They are symmetrical in shape and offer both the screw-in and snap-in mounts. Another note: These are similar in look from the 11mm regular silicone nose pads, however these are supposed to last a little longer.  

Special note:

Those of you who purchase the screw-in and snap-in mounts may notice the difference in the oval.  This is due to two mold being used for these pads.  Initially, the smaller skinnier oval was the first HD oval, as you may see when you get the screw-in models.  Yet the snap-in is actually 1-2mm wider than the screw-in due to the fact that after time the manufacturer decided to change the mold.  The wider snap-in mount actully is just 3/4mm longer as well, which could classify this closer to a 12mm pad.  The photo used above also shows these side by side and one may note a slight difference. 

Also, be sure to check the mount necessary for your eyeglass frame, as it is important that the nose pads you choose match those from your eyeglass frame. Size and material are of a personal preference.

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