11mm round glass nose pads

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Large round nose pads in glass material.
Here are Round nose pads in a 11mm length diameter available in screw in and snap in available in glass material.

Size;  These nose pads are completely round and measure 11mm in diameter.  They are the largest sized round nose pad available.  most commonly seen in a 9mm size.  These allow more coverage and allow for a really wide pad, when compared to other pads that are generally longer from top to bottom and slimmer from side to side.

Mount;  These particular nose pads are available in two different mount styles.  The screw-in and the snap-in mounts.  These are the most common mounts out there. 

Benefits of glass; 

  1. The main benefit here is the fact that glass pads are hypoallergenic.  They do not contain properties that would cause an allergic reaction. 
  2. They are durable and will most times last the life of the eyeglasses. 
  3. They are easier to keep clean.  Unlike silicone nose pads, glass nose pads as well as other denser nose pads do not absorb oils and sweat and therefore retain a cleaner look.  From time to time, a light brushing from a small brush can remove any dirt that has accumulated in the areas behind the pad.
  4. Comfort pads. These pads are rounded and cannot dig into the skin as a thinner pad such as titanium pad or polycarbonate pad may.  

Remember;  It is important to first find out the appropriate mount style for your eyeglasses.  This is the first thing to consider when looking for replacements.  As for shape, and size, or material preference, these are options only to consider once the mount style has been determined. 

Should you not know the style that your eyeglasses require, or need help, just email us at customerservice@nosepadking.com  or call 1-847-623-8767.