13mm HD silicone primadonna nose pads

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13mm HD silicone primadonna pads
Here we have  a 13mm primadonna nose pad in HD silicone.  If you have not read some of the other listings of HD pads, and are unsure what makes this different from the regular pads, we have an explanation below.

Primadonna pads are unique nose pads in the way the mount or part of the nose pad that attaches to the frame, is shaped.  The shape can be referred to as " anvil looking"  or "T hook" as you can see the part that stands up from the base of the nose pad has a similar shape to the letter T.  Most commonly a frame that requires a primadonna nose pad has a fully closed square opening like that of the "system 3 pads".    Whereas the regular snap-in nose pads have a slit opnening at the bottom of the metal piece which houses the nose pad.  

The HD nose pads are known for having a denser composition of silicone than some common silicone nose pads.  The supposed benefit of this particular pad should reduce the absorption of oils and sweat to a minimum, or tend to age slower than regular silicone nose pads.  

There are four sizes of primadonna nose pads;
1.  9mm round
2.  13mm oval
3.  15mm "D" shaped or asymmetrical
4.  17mm "D" shaped or asymmetrical

Should you have difficulty figuring out if this nose pad is for you, please email us at customerservice@nosepadking.com.