20mm Asymmetrical Vinyl with silver colored insert Screw-in only

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Vinyl "D" shaped nose pad with silver colored insert
These nose pads measure 20mm in length.  They are asymmetrical, or more commonly referred to as "D" shaped.  Meaning that each nose pad is designed for a specific left and right side nose pad.  These pads are made of vinyl material with a silver colored metal insert for both the screw -in mounts only.   Known for their semi-flexibility, vinyl pads are comfortable similar to silicone but with better durability.  Look below for itemized stats on this nose pad.  Sold by the pair.

Material          Shape                 Color              Mount type              Length             Durability           

  Vinyl           "D" Shaped         Silver insert         Screw-in only               17mm          medium-high durability

As Always, Please be sure to double check the correct mount type for your frame before ordering.  If you have any questions/concerns, please contact customerservice@nosepadking.com.