20mm D shaped Clip on silicone with metal inserts

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D shaped Clip on nose pads in silicone material.
These are a special application nose pad designed with two flaps that bend over an "I" shaped nose pad arm. The flaps fold over the cross and the nose pad is mounted. These are the 20 mm in length and the nose pad material is Silicone. These are also Asymmetrical, or "D" shaped.  This means that there is a specific right and left side nose pad.  Most commonly found on some Rayban sunglasses, these are unique and one should pay close attention as to the type of mount before ordering.  Sold in one pair quantities.

MOUNT                  SIZE                   MATERIAL                          SHAPE                                     OPTIONS

Clip on                   20mm               Silicone w/ metal insert          Asymmetrical ("D" shaped)         Available in Gold
                                                                                                                                                and silver colored

As always, be sure to check the specific mount necessary for your eyeglass frame.  This is the most important aspect.  If you are unsure of your eyeglass frame's mount, and need assistance, email us at customerservice@nosepadking.com.

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    Nose pads for Rayban aviator sunglasses

    Posted by Saigonese on 16th Jul 2014

    These pads are easy to attach. They hold on nicely and give good support on your nose. Mine are a bit bigger (20mm) than the original part, however they tend to keep frame in place better. I like the rubberize feel of it. Silicon is better when new, but not sure if it's harden over time. Since I leave my sunglasses in the car most of the time in Summer Heat and Winter Cold. I think for men's aviator pair, one size smaller (17mm) would be perfect fit. I would recommend them.