9 mm Logic nose pads

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Dual purpose nose pads that can be mounted with screw-in or snap-in mounts.
Logic Flex nose pads are unique in that they provide a screw-in or a snap-in mount on the same nose pad. These are round in shape. So as long as your eyeglass frame has a snap-in or screw-in mount, these will work for either one. Note: If mounting on a snap-in eyeglass frame mount, just snap in and that's it. For screw-in mounts insert the base of the nose pad into the slot of the nose pad arm where the hole is and fasten with a screw. You may have to break off the flat extension that next to the screw-hole base for a better fit. Available in vinyl, silicone, and hard acetate(plastic). The hard plastic logic pads are thinner than the vinyl and silicone materials. Reminder: Always check the mounting style of your eyeglass frame before ordering nose pads. Silicone material shown in photo.