9mm Glass nose pads (1 pr.)

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Hypoallergenic Glass Nose Pads
                                  Glass Nose Pads

Glass nose pads are known for being hypoallergenic like the titanium and Ceramic nose pads.  They are made of a crystal glass composite with a plastic insert.  This meaning the mount.  Here are some particulars about the glass nose pads.

1.  Made of Glass, thus making them great for those with allergies to other materials
2.  Dense material like that of the titanium and ceramic pads
3.  Rounded for comfort  
4.  Available in four sizes  

  • 9mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm
  • 17mm

5.  Lightweight like that of the titanium nose pads
6.  Available only in screw in and snap in mounts 

Remember:  Be sure to verify the correct nose pad mount before ordering.  Should you have any questions, email customerservice@nosepadking.com