9mm Glass nose pads for Rimless eyeglasses

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Glass nose pads with Slide on mount.
This particular nose pad is unique.  It is made of the glass material and has the slide on mount for mounting onto rimless eyeglass frames.  There are no other sizes available in this mount/ material combination. 

More details below;

Size;  The rimless glass slide on nose pad measures 9mm in diameter.  Just like the 9mm slide on mount nose pads offered on this site, yet the material here is much denser.

Mount;  Because of the mount style, slide on, they are made for most rimless type eyeglass frames. and will not fit onto any other frame.  The frame part that holds this type of nose pad looks like a thin metal wire and is often shaped like a hook.  This is where the nose pad attaches.  Through the open end of the hook, you can slide the mid section (the section between the base of the nose pad and the main pad itself) of the nose pad.  For easier insertion, you may widen the opening and then crimp the opening to allow less chance of sliding out once the nose pad is in place.

Benefits of glass; 

  1. The main benefit here is the fact that glass pads are hypoallergenic.  They do not contain properties that would cause an allergic reaction. 
  2. They are durable and will most times last the life of the eyeglasses. 
  3. They are easier to keep clean.  Unlike silicone nose pads, glass nose pads as well as other denser nose pads do not absorb oils and sweat and therefore retain a cleaner look.  From time to time, a light brushing from a small brush can remove any dirt that has accumulated in the areas behind the pad.
  4. Comfort pads. These pads are rounded and cannot dig into the skin as a thinner pad such as titanium pad or polycarbonate pad may.  

Remember;  It is important to first find out the appropriate mount style for your eyeglasses.  This is the first thing to consider when looking for replacements.  As for shape, and size, or material preference, these are options only to consider once the mount style has been determined. 

Should you not know the style that your eyeglasses require, or need help, just email us at customerservice@nosepadking.com  or call 1-847-623-8767.