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About Us

Thanks for your interest in Nose Pad King.

Your resource for finding replacement nose pads for most eyeglasses.  The Nose Pad King was developed from a small optical shop named The Optical Shack.  The purpose in the creation of the Nose Pad King was to deliver to the people, the correct nose pad all the time.  We have heard time and time again about the lack of appropriate replacement parts carried by other opticians and optical outlets.  Therefore, we felt the need to help.  Creating a relationship with a patient/client is so important when offering them eyewear.   The trust placed in the optician's hands when working with  a person's eyeglasses is vital.  So, wouldn't you expect them to have what it is you need when your eyewear needs attention?  Of course you would.   Thanks to the Nose Pad King, we are constantly adding and looking for more nose pads, so that we may just have what you need. 

Our mission is to provide the necessary replacement eyeglass nose pads for YOU!   We do not have every nose pad known to man.  As some are patented by the manufacturer and can only be attained through that source,(which in time we will provide that list).  Although, we do have the largest selection in one place.  Through updates, we hope to make the Nose Pad King an easy resource for you and family. 

We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly. 

You can contact us at:
Nose Pad King or by phone at 1-847-623-8767.

We are located at:
2504 Washington Street Ste 204
Waukegan, IL 60085