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Air Active Nose Pads Screw-in

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Product Description

Specially Designed Comfort Nose Pads
Air Active nose pads are unique in the fact that they distribute weight across the pad evenly because of its air filled channel.

Although the pad may appear to have a pocket of air, it really has an open channel that allows air to pass into the pad and out again depending upon the pressure or weight applied.  This meaning the weight of the frame upon the bridge of your nose.  Much like a waterbed, where the water gets displaced from movement from side to side from the weight of a person. 

There are only two ways an Air Active nose pad can attach to a frame.  This is what we call a mount style.  Or the way a nose pad mounts to a frame.  They are;

  1. Screw-in
  2. Snap-in

For the snap-in mount listing of the air active nose pads click this link;




Unlike many screw-in nose pads, these particular pads are only one mold.  That means there is only the silicone present and no polycarbonate backing for support.  The benefit of this is that they are less likely to break if sat upon by accident. Even though this may be a good point, caution should be placed in mounting them as the screw hole is in fact silicone and a part of the pad.  The only worry would be to accidentally place a screw into the screw hole and pierce or cut the silicone which could cause the pad to rip sometime in the future.  This is not a major concern as this is a rare occurrence, and may never happen.

Here we have a list of the available sizes of the screw-in mount air active nose pads;

  • 11mm
  • 14.5mm
  • 17mm

When we discuss the sizes of nose pads, we refer to the longest section or length of the nose pads.  Due to the fact that many people have requested to know the width of the pad as well, we are listing that here below.

  • 11mm  in length and approx. 6.5mm in width at widest section in a relaxed state.
  • 14.5mm in length and approx. 7.5mm in width at widest section in a relaxed state.
  • 17mm in length and approx. 8.5mm in width at widest section in a relaxed state.

Remember, the nose pads shown in the photo here are for the screw-in mount only, and the snap-in mount can be found in the related products shown below or through the link above.

Should you have questions or concerns, please email us, or use the phone number listed in our contact us page.


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