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Comfortable Hollow Face nose pads

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Nose pads with opening on face and sping action
Hollow faced nose pads are made with a new material that feels like silicone and has the same flexibility as silicone pads.  They are designed with an opening in the center of each pad with an arc support on the back.  This arc allows the pad to have a spring like effect and offers great comfort to its wearer by conforming to the user's nose as would an air active nose pad.  Just like the air active nose pads with screw-in mount, these pads are made of one mold.  This means that they are all one piece, and do not depend on two or more pieces being adjoined to make this pad.  As these are new pads, we have been informed that they may prove beneficial to those with allergies.   

Specifics of this nose pad are;

Length of pad measures approx. 12mm long

Width of pad is 7mm at its widest (top) area

Has two available mounts---  screw-in and snap-in

Only available in one size

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