Microfiber cleaning cloth Group 1

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Soft Microfiber cleaning cloth for cleaning eyeglasses.
Microfiber cleaning cloth for cleaning eyeglasses. 

Measures 6 inches wide by 7 inches long.   Includes plastic case. 

Microfiber cleaning cloth removes dirt and oily smudges.  They are safe to use on all lenses.  Even anti reflective coated lenses are safe when using these cloths.  Microfiber cleaning cloths can be repeatedly used and washed for extra life of the cloth.

RememberAlthough microfiber cleaning cloths are designed for easy maintenance of lenses, they can be a hazard when proper precaution is not placed.  It is very important, as with any cloth, that any debris or dirt particles are rinsed away with water.  A mild soap may be used to wash away heavy smears.  This will allow the cloth to dry as well as wipe clean any and all other small smudges that may be left after washing.