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Nose Pad Help

Useful page to help most people find the correct nose pads fro their eyeglasses.  From help with the correct mount type to size and even shape selection.  Nose pad material may vary from the different mount types and could be limited to a single material or two on some not as common mounts.


Another way besides searching through Mount style, Shapes, Sizes, or materials is to search for the nose pads by knowing the name brand and model from that brand.   If you know what make and model of eyeglasses and/or sunglasses you have, you may want to try searching here.


First apsect to look at when deciding to get replacement nose pads is the mount type, or how does the nose pad attach to my eyeglass frame.  By going to our Nose Pad Mounts page, you can see the various types of nose pad mounts made for eyeglass and sunglasses frames.  Not all shown will be available in our store, yet we do have a large variety and will try to include links to product pages to make your life easier.

nose-pad-mounts.jpg     nose-pad-materials.jpg     nosepadshapes.jpg

               Nose Pad Mounts                               Nose Pad Materials                             Nose Pad Shapes