Optician'sScrewdriver (Flathead)

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Optician's screwdriver w/ flathead tip
Optician's Screwdriver for replacement of nose pad screws, changing out nose pads, or tightening up your eyewear or temple pieces(arm pieces). 

Actual optician quality screwdriver.  This particular screwdriver comes with an interchangeable tip.  The screwdriver tip can be reversed to change the blade size. 

Length of screwdriver is just under 4 1/2 inches with the screwdriver blade installed, and just over 3 1/2 inches without the blade.  The screwdriver blade is two sided.  Each side had a different sized blade used to perform different operations.  For example, if you are just replacing the nose pads or nose pad screws, you will want to use the smaller tip.  You may even want to use the small tip when tightening or loosening the screws that hold the lenses in the frame.  The larger tip will most commonly come to use when opening or closing the eyewire screws on larger frames.

Here are the measurements in millimeters for each blade tip.

Small:  1.5mm
Large:  2.0mm

Although there seems to be little difference, this can make a difference when working with the small screws from an eyeglass frame. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Be sure to double check the appropriate screw type for your eyeglass frame( Flat tip or phillips), before ordering, as the screws will vary from frame to frame.