Professional Screwdriver/Wrench kit

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This kit provides an assortment of screwdriver and wrenches for use on your eyeglasses.
                                               The kit you see here is a professional set.  With this kit, you should be able to repair, or take apart any pair of eyeglasses.  With its six screwdriver tips and six wrench tips, and two handles,  you have the size you need all the time.  Below we will list some more specifics.

Screwdriver tip sizes- Although they may not be positioned left to right in the manner that we list them, we will start from smallest to largest.

  1. Phillips head in a 1.4mm width tip
  2. Flat head tip in a 1.4mm width
  3. Phillips head in a 1.7mm width tip
  4. Flat head tip in a 1.7mm width
  5. Phillips head in a 2.0mm width tip
  6. Flat head tip in a 2.0mm width

Wrench tips-  Listed from smallest to largest .(Position of wrenches in kit may or may not progress from left to right.)

  1. 2.0mm
  2. 2.3mm
  3. 2.4mm
  4. 2.5mm
  5. 2.6mm

The sizes of the wrench tips listed just about covers any nut size used in the eyeglass industry.  Most commonly used are the 2.4mm sizes.  Yet every eyeglass frame will vary.  These are great for repairs on drilled rimless frames, where the hardware of the eyeglasses are supported by the lenses in which they are mounted upon.

How to insert a screwdriver/Wrench tip into the handle:

  1. First, unscrew the tip of the handle counter clockwise and remove it from the handle piece.
  2. Second, choose the tip necessary for your repair/adjustment.(For removal of the tip from the hanger, you just lift upward and the tip will come out of the opening.  Do the opposite when replacing the tip into the hanger.)
  3. Next, insert the tip by placing the winged section of the tip into the wide slot of the handle.(Note: you will notice that the handle has two wide slots across from each other as well as two very narrow slots.  The wider slots are where the winged portion of the tip needs to slide in.)
  4. Once you have placed your tip down into the handle you can screw on the tip of the handle by placing over the tip of the screwdriver/wrench and tightening in a clockwise manner.

In the photo above, you can see that the screwdriver handle has the screwdriver tip placed inside and awaits the handle tip to be placed over for securing the screwdriver/wrench tip.

The kit folds like a wallet in a tri-fold design and snap closes.  Once folded, the kit measures 4 and 1/4 inches long by 2 and 3/4 inches wide, and 1 inch in height.  Great for anyone serious in repairing eyeglasses, or just someone who wants to have it all in one.