Reading glass nose pads round 9mm

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Round nose pad for reading glasses
Here we have some reading glass nose pads.  Although some frames may have these as well even though they may not be classified as reading glasses.  With these particular nose pads, you can see that they are round with a slim opening or slot where the stem (nose pad arm) will be inserted.  The opening is very similar to another model on our site.  The product at is a smaller model.

Here we have the dimensions of the nose pad

Diameter;             9mm
Opening in pad;    1mm wide by 1/2mm thick and the length of the opening is close to 4mm

The Thickness of the pad is approx. 2mm and has a flat appearance.
The material of the pad is vinyl and due to the larger size of this pad in comparison to the small reading glasses nose pads, they have some flexibility and do not feel rigid.

Choosing the right pad: To mount these particular nose pads be sure to check the size of the nose pad arm.  For size, use the opening size of the pad (noted above) for reference.

Mounting:  Once you have made sure you have the right nose pads for your frame, you may need to remove the old pair (if still attached).  You can either use your fingers or small pliers. Just tug onto the pad and twist slightly if needed in order break the nose pad of its grasp on the post.  If using small tools to do the job, be sure not to squeeze too hard as you may bend the pad arm as you tug on the pad for removal.  As for placing the new pads onto the frame, just use your fingers and slide them onto the post.  You may need to twist them a little as they may be harder to put on versus taking them off.  If the pad will not even reach around the post, you may need to consider a larger opening pad or a more pliable one.