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Silicone Adhesive Nose Pads 1 Pair (NEW LOWER PRICE!)

Roll over to magnify and click to enlarge
  • Silicone adhesive nose pads model Sanp1 shown in the 17mm and the 19mm sizes.
  • SANP1 in the 17mm size (top view) silicone adhesive nose pads
  • Sanp1 silicone adhesive nose pads (17mm shown)
  • Silicone adhesive nose pads sku SANP1 showing the pad peeling off the paper backing
  • Sanp1 silicone adhesive nose pads with the pad removed from the paper backing to show transparency.  (17mm shown)
  • Sanp1 silicone adhesive nose pads shown next to a ruler to show size (17mm shown)
  • Here is once again the Sanp1 model shown on a sunglasses frame
  • Here is another view of the Sanp1 model silicone adhesive nose pads attached to a sunglasses frame

Product Description

Adhesive backed silicone nose pads
Use these nose pads to give your eyeglass frame a boost. These are adhesive backed pads made of silicone. Use them to give a little grip to your frame. Most common use of adhesive nose pads are to place them on the bridge of a plastic frame. For best use, place the adhesive nose pads on the part of the bridge that will touch your nose. You may need to inspect the placement by first reviewing the setting of your eyeglass frame as it rests upon the face without the nose pads. For users with a narrow or skinny bridge(nose), place the adhesive pads closer to the top sides. For those who have a wider bridge(nose), you may need to place the pads lower on the frame to ensure a good grip. These come in a one pair pack card.  Now available in two sizes.